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Discover a life of fulfillment and joy at Empowered Living JRY with Judy and Rafael. Join our community where personal growth is nurtured, and every individual is cherished. Your journey towards an empowered existence begins here. Embrace the transformation—let's unlock your full potential together. Welcome to your new beginning!

What is Empowered Living?

-Discovering the power within.

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Welcome to Empowered LivingJRY, your sanctuary for soulful rejuvenation, where the art of healing is infused with joy and personal care. It’s time to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face with our holistic healing adventures.

As the guiding spirits behind Empowered LivingJRY, we believe in the power of laughter as medicine and the earnestness of professional care. We’re not just about aligning chakras; we're about aligning chuckles with a purpose.

Why embark on this journey with us? Here's a sneak peek:

- Reiki Recharged: Imagine a battery boost for your soul, our Reiki sessions are designed to recharge your life force energy and leave you feeling as revitalized as a phoenix fresh from rebirth.

- Mindful Merriment: Meditation and breathwork at our haven are not your run-of-the-mill silent retreats. Prepare to exhale worries and inhale a sense of playful peace that’ll have your spirit dancing.

- Community & Connection: Our Women’s Storytelling Circles are your chance to weave your story into a tapestry of shared laughter and growth. Plus, our Sweat Lodges and Access Consciousness Bars offer a unique blend of purification and mental liberation—think of it as a detox for your mind and spirit.


Initiation Path:

  • A one-time investment of $300

  • to embark on your personalized healing journey.

  • This initial session includes:

  • An in-depth consultation to understand your unique needs and goals.

  • A collaborative creation of a personalized plan.

  • Your first holistic healing session (meditation, distant reiki, cold-plunge, breath-work, access consciousness bars, sound-bath, etc., based on your needs).

Sustaining Harmony Monthly Membership:

  • Monthly membership for $250

  • Offering:

  • Discounted rates on all healing sessions (30% off).

  • Priority scheduling and booking convenience.

  • Regular check-ins and progress monitoring with your practitioner.

  • Access to exclusive community events and workshops.

Harmony Cycle:

  • Deepen your healing journey with a

  • 13-week commitment

  • for $2,500

  • This includes:

  • Weekly personalized healing sessions.

  • Ongoing guidance and support from your practitioner.

  • Participation in a closed group for peer support and accountability.

  • Educational resources and tools to empower your self-healing journey.

Transitional Ease:

  • We understand that sometimes paths diverge.

  • We offer a 30-day grace period

  • for any membership or program

  • allowing you to smoothly transition out with no additional fees.

Empowered Living JRY